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​Allow Hash Collective to help you with the relocation process by providing the most up to date information on 215 property renting and owning.  

215 Real Estate:

Gain access to our Real Estate database so that your relocation process is seamless without the extra tax penalties. 

​CBD Garden & Plants:

Let us assist you in planning and building your very own CBD Garden. 

California MMJ State ID: 

Unfamiliar with how California's MMJ laws work? Let us assist you in getting your MMJ State ID Card. 

MMJ Gardening Assistance & Tech Support:

Unfamiliar with the MMJ gardening process? Are you unable to set up a MMJ garden due to handicaps or disabilities? Look no further, because we can help. Let us help you to set up your MMJ garden so that you can become self-sufficient and save money and time. 

215 Doctors: 

Let Hash Collective help you to find a specialized 215 Doctor. No longer will you waste your time or money trying to find the right medical support and connections. Our database makes the process extremely easy and we are very knowledgeable about the 215 medical process. 

We Look forward to speaking with you about your MMJ, CBD, or 215 property needs.

​                              We offer the following services:

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​Gain Freedom From prescriptions

If you are interested in any of our services please send us an email at ezandyoung(at) 

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