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Everyday Hash Uses 

·Medibles ·Drink ·Vaporizing·Topical Aid 
                    ·Pill Form ·Smoke 

Turn Your Trash Into Stash 

We can work with moldy, rotten bud - it's all good. Hash Collective can wash away all of the solubles leaving behind only the non-soluble oil trichomes.

Here are the many ways you can use hash oil: 

1. Anxiety and Stress

A small portion of hash oil can relieve one of anxiety and stress problems during the day. Hash oil works wonders for those who are suffering from anxiety and stress. Studies have shown that hash oil has made a positive impact on the reduction of stress and anxiety. 

2. Pain Relief 

For those battling with pain somewhere in their bodies, Hash oil can make a major difference with pain reduction. Hash oil can also be used for arthritis flare ups by lessening the inflammation in the body. 

3. Heart Health 

Hash oil can play a major role in the health of your heart. The oils in Hash help to balance out the negative oils in your heart. Hash Oil can also assist in removing excess cholesterol and improving the overall health of your cardiovascular system. 

4.  Appetite Booster 

For those having a hard time with finding an interest to eat, Hash oil can assist with this. Hash oil can stimulate one's appetite by releasing hormones that cause hunger. 

5. Hair Care 

Looking to regrow or thicken your hair? Hash Oil makes for a great hair care aide. Add a bit of hash oil to your conditioner after washing your and you'll be delighted with shiny hair that will grow over time. 

​Consuming Hash has become increasingly popular in the recent years. Although hash is known to be a more potent form of marijuana, it can still be integrated in your daily life without causing much upset.